2014 Fitness and Sewing Goals

My goals for 2014 are not that outlandish, I don’t think.

Fitness Goals

  1. Run four half marathons. I’m already signed up for one, and I feel lucky that the Indianapolis area has a lot of options for races, so this should be fairly easy as long as I stay healthy.
  2. Complete one Ragnar race. I would really like to participate in Ragnar Chicago, but I’m afraid that I am too late to join a team. Stay tuned for more on this.
  3. Complete P90X (or something similar).
  4. Focus on strength and flexibility training.
  5. Become a better swimmer in prep for a triathlon eventually. Probably 2015

Sewing Goals

  1. Complete the two quilts I started in 2013. Not sure yet if I will send them to be quilted or attempt to quilt them myself. Still new to all this!
  2. Finish all the projects I have bought fabric and patterns for in 2013.
  3. Participate in more swaps! I love handmade things. I think this will be so fun!

I will be posting pictures and updates for all of these goals here! Hope to have you all following with me!


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