2016 Recap and Hello 2017!

Another year has flown by. So much has happened–as is usual I guess.

Things that I accomplished:

  • Completed my first sprint triathlon!
  • Two half-marathons
  • Three 5ks
  • One Ragnar
  • First trail race
  • New Job
  • New Car
  • Delivered my best friend’s twins!

It was quite the year. On a more serious note, my grandfather also passed away this year.

Fitness wise, I accomplished things I never thought I could. Triathlon is hard. Swimming is CRAZY hard. I realized that I super enjoy trail running and will be adding more of that to my race list for 2017. I also realized that sometimes it’s more about the journey than the race. Even though my grandfather passed away, which totally threw off my training 2 weeks before my A running race, I still showed up ran and gave a respectable finish.

Here are my stats for 2016! img_20170102_105951_411I barely made 1k running miles this year, but considering all the other stuff I added, I’m pleased.

Onward and Upward for 2017!!

My goals for 2017 include:

  • Blog at least once a month. I have captured a lot of my journey on Instagram and some but not a lot on Facebook, but I’d really like to have more interaction with the blog community and more of a written record of my stream of consciousness around life/training balance, lessons learned and progress made.
  • Be able to continuously swim at least 100 yards with no break. I swam a 50 for the first time this month and I was THRILLED! It’s amazing how hard it is to do cardio when you take away free oxygen. . .
  • Finish 2-4 sprint triathlons (depending on the schedule)
  • Run 2 half marathons
  • Apply for the Marine Corps Marathon as my first full marathon!! It’s a lottery so we will see if it’s meant to be. Registration opens in March.
  • Adjust to the new normal of triathlon training. This means 2 a day workouts  more often than not, and learning how to fuel my body more efficiently. Don’t tell my coach, but winter is always hard on me. . I’ve gained 10 lb. I am considering this my “bulk” phase and the “cut” phase will be coming Spring 2017.
  • Inspired by Lora at Crazy Running Girl, quit drinking soda/pop/Coke for 99% of the time. I like LaCrox, I already drink Diet Coke, so I really don’t NEED it.
  • Run 200 miles per quarter
  • Meal plan and eat out less, eat more whole foods and eat more healthy snacks. Determine when I’m hungry vs bored vs thirsty.

What are your goals/aspirations for 2017?


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