Weekend, Smeekend.

This weekend didn’t go as I had planned. I was really hoping to get in a solid 5 miles, and maybe another easy run. Totally didn’t happen.

Friday I did get a good strength class in at lunch. I am very lucky that work has a gym, and allows us to work out on our lunch time. I have found that doing strength and core training makes me a better/stronger runner. I love working out in a group, and am super glad the gym has group strength classes, not just cardio. I get all the cardio I need from running!  There is also a quick core class each day called “Lunch Crunch” which is more core than abs. It’s 15 min, so it’s great for when I run and then go do core!

Friday night I was up throwing up. Until after 3AM. With no good reason behind it. I’m hoping it was something I ate and not the introduction of a bug to my house.

Saturday was a funeral, and then my DH went out of town which left me still sick and responsible for the kiddos. Hard but do able.

Sunday was Adeline’s sixth birthday. We had people over, so the AM was spent grocery shopping, cleaning and prepping after taking the kids to breakfast for her birthday. I probably could have squeezed in a quick 2 miler had I felt a little better but I knew I had a lot to do, and had hardly eaten anything in the last 24 hrs, so was worried I wouldn’t make it.

Hoping for a better week this week! What did you do for fitness this weekend? Do you have access to a gym/fitness center at work?


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