It’s Supposed to be Hard.

I’m in the final weeks of my training plan for the Monumental Half Marathon. The last big build cycle over the last 3 weeks has been intense.

Hill repeats. I repeat. . hill repeats. Speed work. Lots and lots and lots of miles. I will have ran over 125 miles this month. This week alone, I ran 40 miles. I did my long run on the treadmill, and finally gave in to all those friends who have said I need to watch Orange is the New Black. It was chilly, pouring rain, and I was on my own, so I just didn’t have it in me to run outside.  Today, I went out and absolutly rocked my 3 miler (which was probably supposed to be an “easy run”). Even on super tired legs, I was under 30 min. And in the correct HR zone. I love love fall running weather!!

I thought I was ready for bed last night, and after I laid down, all I could think about was the race. Pacing, fueling, would I PR, what would the weather be like, what on earth am I going to wear, etc.. etc. . etc. My goal is to be faster than I was the last time. My last half this spring was 2:07:12. I’d love to be sub-2, but at this point, I will be happy with sub 2:05.

The head game is real. Getting to this point in training all you think about is that you can’t wait for it to just be OVER. Race day seems like too close and so far away all at the same time. It’s scary to think about how you’ve put in all this time and effort for one day. Some days you don’t think you want to run. You don’t think you have it in you to put your damn shoes on ONE MORE TMIE and go run. But you do. I’m ready and not ready all at the same time.

Physically, I’ve felt pretty good. I made the mistake of stopping my vitamins a few weeks ago when I ran out, and I couldn’t figure out why I felt like I couldn’t breathe and was craving molasses and kale. I started taking my multivitamin with iron again 2 weeks ago and I feel SO much better. No more shortness of breath and eating molasses out of the jar!

I’ve also been taking some epsom salts baths with essential oils after my long runs, and I feel like that has helped as well.

All in all, I am ready to rock the Monumental Half Marathon on Nov 7th. I know all the time and effort and miles will pay off in 2 weeks!!

Training. . it’s supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes you great.