Things I’ve been good at. And not so good at this year.

So when I was running  a lot, I was excited about blogging. And running some awesome races with some awesome people. The Indianapolis Mini Marathon (my 2nd half marathon) and the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay. SO EXCITED.

Then this happened.


That’s my ugly ankle. I twisted it and ended up with a grade 3 sprain while on a work trip in Chicago.

I’m still doing physical therapy three times a week. Still no running. This happened at the beginning of April. It’s basically June. Injuries suck.

So what have I been doing?? I have started an Advocare 24 Day Challenge, that I’m in the third week of! I will post a review and before/after pics later this week.

Workout wise, I’m stuck with kettelbells, spin, the elliptical, and other non-impact things. Which is not the same as running. Really. I get the endorphins, but I don’t get the unwinding of my brain that comes from a good run.

Oh. And work has just been insanely busy.

That’s what has been going on in my neck of the woods. What’t been going on with you guys?


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve been good at. And not so good at this year.

  1. OUCH your ankle looks so dang painful. How did you hurt it?? Did you cry when you rolled it? I recently sprained mine for the very first time in my life.


    1. Yeah.It was pretty bad. I didn’t cry (but to be fair, I’m not much of a crier in general).
      I was walking down the street in Chicago, and literally tripped over a sunken manhole.
      I’ve been doing physical therapy 3x a week for 2 mos, and no running. It’s been crazy. Didn’t know an ankle could cause so much trouble!


      1. Uhhhg that sounds bad. Geeze you must be one tough cookie. All I did was step off our paved walkway wrong, rolled my ankle and started crying like a little girl. My 17 yo son had to bridal carry me to the house. It was actually really embarrassing. I would’ve never imagined a sprain could cause that intense of pain. Anyways I hope you heal up quickly. Not being able to run is absolutely torturous.


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