Great week!

This has really been a great week.

Got two really good runs in on the treadmill, one with intervals, did my strength training, and have had a tiny bit of time to sew!

It’s been snowing all week. Wednesdays’ workout was “Shovel snow for 2.5 hours”. Yesterday, I had to laugh because it was my rest/off day and I managed to do 26 flights of stairs according to my FitBit. I think that today is going to be a rest day too. I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold, and I’m hoping that giving my body a break will help it out.

I have give up soda/pop/Coke. I’m surprised how much I have not missed it. I am also surprised at how much my sugar cravings have decreased. And I picked up a LifeWater, and it was so artificially sweet I could hardly stand it. That was an unexpected bonus. I have started drinking tea, but not a ton.

What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I will be hosting an essential oil class for some friends, and hanging out with the family Sunday.



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